Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lemberry Strawmonade

Oh the simple joys of summer. Nothing makes house cleaning easier than a nice cool glass of strawberry lemonade. Well I guess it doesn’t really make scrubbing toilets easier, but it sure tastes good as your wiping the sweat from your brow. Don’t ya’ll wish your husband brought it to you too with that pretty little strawberry sitting on the lip of the glass?

Me too.

We should all treat ourselves more often and make our beverages with a little fruit garnish.

This recipe is SO simple, I’d slap my forehead for not thinking of it earlier.
All you need is that pretty can of Country Time Pink Lemonade mix.
Next time I’m going to use frozen lemonade concentrate.
And the time after that I’ll try Simply Limeade.
mmmmmm I’ll bet that’s good.

Let’s get started.

Isn’t this picture beautiful?!
Pour a carton of strawberries into the blender.
Oh, I did take the stems off. Duh.
I also added about 1/2 cup water to give the berries a little liquid to swim around in.

Isn’t this picture so NOT as beautiful?! I’m practicing, my friends.
Blend it up.
The Country Time Pink Lemonade jar says to use two capfuls of powder for one gallon of drink, so I decided I’ll add the powder in the blender, less stirring – right?
Plus, the kid in me likes blending stuff in the blender, it’s like a science experiment.
(hehee, see the soap recipe)

So, add your lemonade powder and blend.

Pour the delicious mixture into your prettiest plastic pitcher. Break out the glass one for company.
Fill the pitcher to the 1 gallon mark with water!

Serve, and taste test!


I’m thinking this would make a great adult beverage over the summer too if you felt like adding some rum or vodka. Just sayin’.

~Peace, Love, and Lemonade Ya’ll!

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Lemberry Strawmonade

Yield: 1 gallon


1 pound strawberries, cleaned and de-stemmed
2 capfuls of pink lemonade mix
1 gallon water


Blend strawberries in blender with 1/2 cup water until smooth. Add powdered mix in blender. Blend again. Add to large pitcher and add 1 gallon water. Enjoy!

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