Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Strawberry Trifle

Feel like a cool, light, refreshing, refridgerated dessert? Yes? Here in Texas we’ve already broke our yearly record of 14 days over 100. It’s not even “summer” yet! I’m afraid what August will bring. So if I can find a way to leave the oven off, you bet I’m doing it. This trifle is so quick and easy, you’ll be showing up with it at every block party from now ’til Labor Day.

PLUS, it’s made with my favorite summertime ingredient. J-E-LL-O! Jello cheesecake pudding to be exact. Did you know they made cheesecake pudding? HELLOOO! I didn’t either! I’m already thinking of 1,001 variations. I see chocolate cheesecake pudding in my future…. ahhhhh, and saving calories. Perfect!

If you feel like skipping all my nonsense, feel free to scroll to the very bottom for the recipe. ~winks.

~ Funny story, I brought this to a party Saturday night after I made it, because as you all know, I can’t KEEP all these sweets in the house; I’d rot my teeth out. So, I brought it to a party and three people asked me just was on that plate? Ham? Pasta Salad? Mashed Potatoes? Ham, people? Really? ~giggles.  Mashed Potatoes? When’s the last time you saw mashed potatoes with almonds sprinkled on top. Sigh.

So, hindsight being 20/20, I know realize I should have made them (and taken my sample photos) in cute single serving dishes, with a strawberry garnish on top. I never think about garnishes! I’m working on it.

Ok, first:

Rinse one quart of strawberries, pat dry, and cover with 3/4 cup sugar. Let them macerate for 2-3 hours. I always wondered just how macerating works – tried to look it up for ya’ll, but I couldn’t find a scientific explanation.



~I’ve recently read recipes where macerating strawberries calls for you to douse them with red wine, and honey. Interesting!

Dice one angel food cake into 1 inch cubes.

I know what you’re thinking.

“Those are huge one inch cubes Katie.” I know.

In a bowl mix macerated strawberries, juice from 1 lemon, 24 oz. of strawberry yogurt, and one small packet of Jello pudding, CHEESECAKE flavored!

Yes that is strawberry yogurt you’re looking at in the 10 o’clock position. It was Greek yogurt, not till I got home did I realize it said “strawberry flavored” and not “fruit at the bottom.”

Still good.
Make it do people, make it do.

Fold together those beautiful ingredients, then adding half a container of Cool Whip.

Nothing says summer like Cool Whip and Jello.



Then begins the kid-friendly help in the kitchen part.

Last year I started a cooking club with my students. I miss that. They would have loved this.

If you’re a proper Southern woman, you’d have your gorgeous trifle bowl out.

If you’re like me, you call a friend and borrow a glass mixing bowl, because yours are dirty.

Begin layering, first with a layer of angel food cubes.

Then a layer of the yogurt mixture.

Then sprinkle with almonds.

Try not to eat them all before you finish your trifle.

Continue layering until….

You’ve reached the top!

Then spread a layer of Cool Whip over the top, and sprinkle with a final *generous* helping of almonds.

Don’t be like me and forget your garnish. Wouldn’t this have been gorgeous with strawberry slices on top?

I know.

Make it do people, make it do.


Delicious! And cool. And no oven required.

Refridgerate for a couple hours.

If your kids sneak in the fridge and gouge holes in the top tasting this Jello surprise before supper, make sure to cover it up with Cool Whip.

All is well in summertime.

Hope ya’ll like it.

~Peace, Love, and Jello Ya’ll!

~ I need to have t-shirts made. ~ he heee.

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Summer Strawberry Trifle


3/4 cup sliced almonds
1 large Angel food cake, or other bready substance
1 qt fresh strawberries
1 lemon
3 (8oz) containers of strawberry yogurt
1 container Cool Whip


First slice your strawberries, covering with 3/4 cup sugar. **Save a couple strawberries for garnish! Allow berries to macerate for 2-3 hours in the fridge. Next cut angel food cake into 1 inch cubes. Set aside.

Juice the lemon, throwing away seeds. In a bowl mix lemon juice, yogurt, pudding mix, and strawberries. Stir well. Fold in half the Cool Whip.

To assemble the trifle, place a layer of cake in the bottom of your trifle bowl. Next layer the strawberry yogurt mixture, then sprinkle lightly with almonds. Repeat until you've filled the bowl! Top with remaining Cool Whip and almonds.

Garnish with a strawberry. Refridgerate and serve!

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