Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good Ol’ Fried Chicken

The best fried chicken ever.

No, really. The best, best, best ever.

Think I’m kidding? Check out the picture.

This is waaaaay better than restaurant chicken. The secret is to brine the chicken.

Make some tonight. Your family will love you.

There is a couple tricks to this recipe, which I adapted from Cook’s Country. One is to brine the chicken. This refers to soaking your poultry (also works great with turkey) in a salt and sugar water mixture. It tenderizes the chicken and keeps it moooiiiissstttt.

Mmmmmmm, still thinkin’ about that batch makes my mouth water. Yes, even at 8:30 am.

Also, the batter calls for baking powder. This leavening agent makes the batter puff right up.

Adds to the crunch goodness.

The whole process is really pretty simple. You can fry in a dutch oven in the kitchen, but because I always make such a mess, I used the Daddy Fry outside.

And, this being Texas, in the dead heat of summer, it sounds like I’m recording in a jungle.

Love it.

Here’s a video, and recipe to follow:
~Peace, Love, and Fryiiiiing Ya’ll!

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Good Ol' Fried Chicken


¼ cups Plus 1 Tsp., Salt
¼ cups Sugar
4 pounds Bone-in, Skin-on Chicken Pieces
1-¾ cup Cold Water
1 cup Flour
1 cup Cornstarch
5 teaspoons Pepper
2 teaspoons Baking Powder
1 teaspoon Paprika
½ teaspoons Cayenne Pepper
4 quarts Peanut Or Vegetable Oil


Using a very large bowl, mix the sugar, 1/4 cup of salt, and 1 quart of very cold water until the sugar and salt dissolve. Place the chicken pieces in the bowl, covering all pieces, and refrigerate for 30-60 minutes.

While the chicken is brining, mix the water, flour, cornstarch, pepper, baking powder, paprika, cayenne, and 1 tsp. salt until the batter is smooth. Refrigerate this until you’re ready to fry ‘em up!

Heat your oil in a dutch oven or deep fryer until it reaches 350 degrees. Remove the chicken from it’s briny home, and pat dry. That’s a good chicken…

Separating into two or three batches, dip the chicken into the batter, letting the extra batter drip back into the bowl, and transfer to the hot oil. Fry the chicken until the thickest parts measure 175 degrees, it will take about 12-15 minutes, and golden brown.

Bring the oil back up to temperature and continue with remaining chicken.

Place the finished pieces on a paper towel.
Serve hot! Or refrigerate, the chicken will keep up to two days.

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