Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guiltless Cookie Dough Dip

Everybody needs a good excuse to eat cookie dough dip, riiight? I am all into trying *secretly* healthy recipes, so I gave this one a shot. I found the recipe through Pinterest, from Chocolate Covered Katie.

Name is so fitting, isn’t it?


Of COURSE I love it!

She has got A LOT, and when I say A LOT I mean at least over 100 *secretly* healthy recipes I want to try.

I’ll only try them if they, you know, don’t taste healthy. I mean it’s got to taste just as good as the real thing.

Well, she’s gone and done it with this dip.

So good, you done stuck your foot in it.

Now, she has asked for people not to re-post the recipe, but instead link to it, she’s got big plans.

I will certainly oblige. Food bloggers stick together, and her name IS Katie.

Now, I’m just going to give away one tiny secret, and I don’t wan ya’ll runnin’ off like banchees when I tell you.

It’s got garbanzo beans. Even my mother shrieked and shuddered when I told her. I PROMISE you can’t taste them.

Now, it occured to me a person could also use plain hummus if they wanted. Hummus is just ground up garbanzo beans too. And if your blender was lacking at all, this would help alleviate any leftover chunks.

The only “complaint” I heard from people was that it was slightly gritty. I think this is due to the almond butter.

Now this didn’t bother me one bit because I loved the taste of it, and I knew it was much better than stickin’ my big ol’ finger in a bowl of cookie dough.

I’m trying to work my way back out of the fat pants.

*But,* I just had to give ya’ll the honest feedback of my taste testers. I would make it again, and loved it. And I think anything is worth a shot. ESPECIALLY if it saves you 200 calories!!
So, check out Katie’s post here, and check out some of her other delicious looking recipes.

~Peace, Love, and Hummus Ya’ll.

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