Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to BBQ chicken… and make your Grandpa proud

Did y’all always want to know how to bbq?

I always did.

While I was growing up, my Grandpa made the BEST BBQ’d chicken with crispy skin-YUM!

So finally, one day, while living in an apartment – where I’m almost certain I was not supposed to have a BBQ – I called my Dad in the middle of my “project” and he had no choice but to explain to me how to do it.

Now ladies, a true Texas BBQ post would be instructions on a wood pit.
That will be for next time.

Charcoal is fast and easy, and works for chicken breasts to top a delicious summer salad.
Wood pits actually smoke the meat, and take far longer.

MmmmK, it’s real easy. Start by piling a whole bunch of briquets into a pyramid shape.

Even if the briquets advertise that they are soaked in lighter fluid, you’ll want to add more.

Next, pick up a briquet and smear the charcoal all over your face so that when your guests comes over for dinner, you can act like you sweated and labored real hard over this delicious BBQ.

Then make this real mean face so you look really tough.
It’s really hard, BTW, to take self shots with a 50mm lens. *real* close-up. Ecckkk.

– I have to tell you, I act this way around my students. They always ask: “Miss, do you act this weird at home?”
To which I emphatically answer: HECK YES.

WHY can’t I ever get them to laugh!!?

I tease, I tease.


Ok, pyramid done. Next stop: lighter fluid.

Really soak it.

Like, squirt the bottle allll over the briquets for a good 12-15 seconds.

See how they look wet?

Now you want all that lighter fluid to soak into the briquets, it will take a good 10-15 minutes.

In the meantime, go inside and marinate your meat.

I’m using the last of my Picnic Chicken rub. It’s real good.


Pat the chicken breasts dry, and rub your favorite spice in. Add some salt and pepper.

When you go back out, the briquets should look almost dry.

If you light the fire too soon, your BBQ will taste like lighter fluid.

Light a couple matches and throw them all throughout the BBQ.

Now we have to wait, again.

Wait a good 20-30 minutes, lid closed, until the briquets are “white hot.”

See how they’re bright orange down in there? FAR from burning out.

Nice and hot.

Now, shake the BBQ so that the coals spread out more… into an even layer.

Place the grate over the coals, and the heat should help loosen up the grit.

Get out that good steel brush and clean the grate.

Now you can place your meat on the grill.

Boneless chicken breasts, lid closed will take approximately 11-12 minutes per side.

Make sure to only turn the meat once. If you continue to flip it over and over and over, the meat gets tough.

Tough meat = no bueno.

When it’s done, you can into it to make sure the juices are clear, and meat is done.

Let the meat rest 5 minutes, then slice. Again, resting helps the meat maintain its moisture.

Then place atop a delicious garden salad.


~Peace, Love, and BBQ Y’all

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How to BBQ

Total Time: 1 hour


Lighter Fluid


Make a large pyramid of briquets. Soak the briquets for 10-15 seconds with lighter fluid. Allow the lighter fluid to thoroughly soak into the briquets, 10-15 minutes. Light several matches and throw them into the pile. Allow the coals to cook until they are ashy gray. Next, shake the bbq so the coals spread into an even layer. Place the grate over the hot coals, and use a steel brush to clean the grit from the grate. Place your meat on the grill, cover and cook. Only turn the meat once.



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