Friday, February 21, 2014

My Oregon Trail


Did I scare you?

Keep reading.

So I did this cool thing. I went to Oregon, specifically Portland. Like six months ago.

I don’t always post late, but when I do, I make sure it’s six months or longer.

But hellllooooo, good food, friends, and stories are always worth sharing, right?




First, Hopworks brewery. Proudly brewing beer as sustainably as possible since 2007. 
I believe I didn’t get a beer. It’s been so LONG ago, but if my memory serves me correct, I felt dehydrated from flying.


We ordered the Pint O’ Pretzels.
Hot, house-made beer pretzels with HUB Lager mustard and warm beer cheese sauce. 

Dude. These pretzels. DOOOOD.

Next stop, Multnomah Falls, on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge.
Holy twenty pound mackerel, y’all.




Yeah, breathe.

It’s real. It’s the second tallest year-round falls in the US.

Six hundred twenty feet of breath-taking, spring water beauty.

In 1995, as a wedding party awaited their pictures on the footbridge, pictured above, a 400-ton boulder fell into the cascade pool.
WHAT? I know. Me too.
A seventy (yup 7-0) foot *splash* of water washed over the footbridge, injuring a few of the wedding party.

Enough nature? Onto the food.


Hungry yet?

Who wants donuts?



This girl.

Voodoo Doughnuts is so cool, they’ve got one at the PDX airport.
Good NIGHT, they’ve got some wild flavors.
I can’t even tell you, just go look.


All the cool kids in Portlandia drink Stumptown coffee.

Wait, Portland, AKA Stumptown.
The PDX has lots of nicknames, Stumptown being one.
The city grew so fast back in the day, people hopped around on tree stumps.
True story, says Wikipedia.

Everything on Wikipedia is true.

Wasn’t it Abraham Lincoln that said, “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”?

I kid.

ANYways, it is some dope (that’s good) coffee. I brought a bag back for my French press.

Oh ya, and Portlandians like Austinites.

So if you go, ESPECIALLY if you wait in line at Stumptown with all the hipsters, well – first you need to grow a ‘stache, or have asymmetrical hair, but besides that – tell them you’re from Austin, or New Orleans.
Just don’t say, like, Springfield, or Odessa (love you, West TX!).



More food! Here at Lardo – yes, that’s the real name – I had this ferocious pork belly gyro, with a side of kimchi.
My brain is lacking of anymore mouth watering food adjectives.

Just GO! You need to try all these places!

Lordy, have mercy, do I love me some pork belly!
Well, now I do. Very tender, slightly chewy, but a good salty taste to it.
And fresh flatbread? Tangy kicked-up kimchi?

Yes, please!



Ice cream. Don’t you ever, EVER say NO to ice cream.



ESPECIALLY Salt & Straw Ice Cream.

That’s right, I capitalized that, yo’.

I had the Stumptown Coffee and Almond Brittle w/ salted ganache flavors.

No worries if you cannot decide, they are super nice in a PNW (Pacific Northwest) kind of way; they’ll bring you 17 spoons of every flavor, if you ask.

Don’t ask how I know this.


I attended my first dog show!

THIS is a big deal! Erin won at the dog show!

She won Winner’s Bitch, and a Major – gooooo Abby and Mama Erin!

I learned A LOT.
Like, don’t pet other people’s dogs.



Whoa. Did we scare ya’?
We like to shop.
No we don’t.


Pretty Portland buildings.

Always raining.

It’s cool.
No it’s not.




Irving St. Kitchen. Boom.

Fist Bump.

Can you feel the coolness seething from this trip?

Maybe that’s calories.

It’s all good.

Such a good vibe here.

No, I don’t know that gentleman.

We decided to share a Dutch pancake with Mornay sauce and French Toast with Cherry Cranberry Compote.
I’m feeling full just remembering it.

Always bring a friend. Friends equal more ordering options.

They also had tons of refreshing and bubbly cocktails, as well as morning mocktails.

Tiiimmmeee for my favvorrriiittee partttt!

Erin bought a Group-on for us at Kruger’s Farm on Sauvie Island.


Complete with pumpkin patch, hay ride, roasted corn and a caramel apple.
Oh, and the corn maze.

Don’t trust US with a map. Just sayin’.



Maybe I need a third house in the PNW.

That’s after I buy my second house on a New Orleans bayou.

Guess I should start with a first house.

Hmm. Hold, please.



Final stop! Saraveza, a Bottle Shop and Pasty Tavern.

Midwest inspired. Who knew?

Y’all, get this girl to the Midwest, stat!
A pasty (pronounced PAH-stee) is like a Hot Pocket, but like 1,000 times better.

I think every Midwesterner reading this just cringed at that comparison.

Sorry, all we’ve got are kolaches here. No pastys!

Their Mac & Cheese was craaaazy good. Thick slices of crunchy bacon lie waiting atop.


Heartwarming soup, pickled veggies, and a spot where a pasty once lay.



And my girl.

There’s my soul sister, beautiful Erin. In fact, she’s doing a triathlon this summer!
She’s running to raise money for the The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and she has been and continues to be such an inspiration to me with her dedication, tenacity, and giving heart. If you feel so obliged, check out her fundraising page.

Get it, girl!

Backstory: we both happen to be from Northern California, however, we didn’t meet until my last semester of college at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. I moved to Austin to work in the hotel industry. She later landed a hotel internship in Bastrop, TX. A few years pass, and we both changed careers, moving into education. Now she moved back to the PNW, and I moved to Bastrop. Soul sisters, that’s all I can say.

We’ll always share a special connection. I am so grateful for this trip to visit her new home, and could not have asked for a more gracious or hospitable hostess. Here’s to more travels in the future, friend! Cheers.


~Peace, Love, and Foodie Travels Y’all.





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  1. 1

    June G. — February 22, 2014 @ 9:34 am

    I’m from the NW, I live in North Carolina now. I miss it everyday! Portland is such a fantastic city, thanks for the lovely photos:)

    • Katie replied: — February 23rd, 2014 @ 1:01 pm

      June, you’ve made it to another coast! The ocean always stays with us, I suppose. Hope you’re enjoying some beautiful Carolina weather.

  2. 2

    Amelia — March 3, 2014 @ 7:52 pm

    I want that ice cream!!!!

    • Katie replied: — March 5th, 2014 @ 9:25 pm

      It was sooooo good, I promise!

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