Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Festival Tees

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Alright. So every now and again I get some time to craft. I’m one of those Jack (Jill?) of All Trades, Master of None gals.

I dabble.

I’ve some crochet hooks, some canvases, lots of paper, lots of glue.

You know what I *don’t* like?? SCRAPBOOKING.

I actually love it in theory, but it’s soooo overwhelming and requires sooooo many pieces.
I’ve since donated allll my scrapbooking supplies and just kept a few sheets of card stock.

Anyhow, I love me some tie-dye. This shirt was SO easy to make, and gave a little different effect than typical tie-dye, like, I really want to make some more.

There are tons of ideas floating around Pinterest, and nowadays they’re referred to as “festival tees.”

HA. So apparently if you’re going to SouthBy (SXSW), ACL, Coachella, Steamboat Springs, or any of the other millennial venues, you need a tied up, sprayed, slayed “festival tee.”

I was cool and didn’t even know it.

We went to our own little concert on July 4th weekend after day of tubing and camping. I reallllly wanted to make my fried chicken, but someone in the house wouldn’t let me bring the fryer, so we made shish kebabs instead.

Anyways, my friends and I needed a theme. ‘Merica. That was our theme. So on to t-shirt designing I went.

The beads obviously take the longest part. Find a friend.
Cut 1″ strips along the bottom of the t-shirt, about 3-5″ long.
(I used about 1.5 lengths of the scissors as my guide.)
Thread the pony beads on a make a knot.

Wait to wash the shirt until after the project, the new starchiness will make everything easier.

The tie-dye is the funnest part. I basic kit from Wal-mart that comes with powdered dye in a squirt bottle.

But I, *I my friends,* put it in a SPRAY BOTTLE. This is your key!!!!
I happened to have 2 bottles leftover from Bath & Body works body spray that I just KNEW I would need for a project.

Place a piece of cardboard or paper inside the shirt to absorb any soak through.

Place a stencil on top of the shirt – I also found this chevron design at Walmart.

The key is to spray lightly, don’t worry about soaking the stencil.
I did that with the guys’ shirts and the dye bled under the stencil.

I just sprayed a couple spritz of red, then a couple spritzes of blue on the bottom, and it created this cool ombre technique!

After the dye has set for 6-8 hours, I washed all the shirts on cold and added in some vinegar for good measure to help the colors set.

They did wash out a little and get lighter, but I really loved the vintage look they gave it.
I reeeallllly want to *spray* tie-dye all the things now!!

If y’all spray anything, tag me on the Instagram @hillcountrycook, I’d LOVE to see what you came up with!


~Peace, love, and Tie (Spray) Dye Y’all…

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