Summer Snacks

Summer! Exactly the right season to enjoy some tasty healthy snacks! I did the Ezekiel toast, y’ all.

I kept listening to every person that discusses it. Sprouted wheat bread, old grains … and so on. To conserve me from butchering the infinite wisdom I gleaned from the inter internet, take a look at this adorable short article about why people are so stressed with this things.

All I can consider is what kind of French Toast it will make. It’s tasty, it really is!

I’ve been trying to obtain my postpartum body back, and this was an excellent little snack to obtain me through an afternoon. If absolutely nothing else makes me ravenous as a kid in a sweet store, nursing will do it. My stomach literally really feels the bellows of the wind via a below ground cave. I’m not being significant, I swear.

It’s summertime, you feel instantaneously skinnier. As opposed to grab that bag of snacks, or sneak in that Pop-Tart, try this very first.

Tip: Attempt adding onion, or butter leaf lettuce, it’s tasty, and the carbohydrate gods will not also be mad at you.


1 slice Ezekiel bread
1 T hummus
1/2 sliced avocado
4 sliced cherry tomatoes
2 cucumber slices
Salt and Pepper


Toast your Ezekiel bread.
Spread with hummus.
Delicately layer on sliced avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, and top with salt and pepper.